Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center, Grand Rapids, MI  (Photo:  Erik Holladay)
Fierce advocates for the high academic achievement of all students – particularly those of color or living in poverty.

Equity-Driven Data-Centered Student-Focused

Michigan, It’s Time We Pay Attention!

Decades of research tells us that Michigan’s economic future and cultural vitality depends on the quality of our educational system, from pre-K through college, and recent achievement results from around the country provide hope and many lessons for Michigan to take to heart.

The mission of The Education Trust-Midwest is to ensure that every Michigan student is learning at high levels. We work to forever close our state’s tragic and intolerable achievement caps.

After taking a look at what leading education states are doing, we have outlined an agenda that will help put Michigan on the path toward educational recovery. This includes:

High Expectations for All Michigan Students

Effective Teaching & Support

School Accountability

Investments in Early Literacy

The Education Trust-Midwest offers numerous resources for policymakers, educators, parents, community leaders, and others who share our goal of high academic achievement for all students. Transforming that vision into a reality takes meaningful data, models of success, and tools for change.



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Statewide educational improvement is possible – and within our grasp. By making a sustained, comprehensive commitment and investment in the levers we know work, Michigan can get back on track.

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