Today, Michigan ranks among the bottom states in the nation for key metrics of student learning and success.

Not only is Michigan failing to close the performance gap between Michigan and leading education states, but achievement and opportunity gaps within the state remain devastatingly wide.

This is a moment of sobering reality in our state. Yet this is also a moment of great opportunity.

Michigan students are just as bright and capable of success as their peers across the country. Michigan can do better for all of its students by putting the right systems into place now and committing to making effectiveness and equity a priority.

In our vision, Michigan public schools will be leading innovation on how to support educators to be the finest in the world. There’s much to do to make this vision a reality, and we must get to work.

It took decades for Michigan’s education system to decline to where it is today and it will not be transformed overnight. But in order to provide a better future for all of Michigan’s children, we must begin to take thoughtful, evidence-based steps toward excellence for all students. That is the promise of this moment.