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Statement from The Education Trust-Midwest on Governor Whitmer's Executive Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2021

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (Feb. 7, 2020) —  The following statement may be attributed to  Amber Arellano, executive director of The Education Trust-Midwest:

“A high-quality public education remains the most effective tool for building a brighter future. Not only does success in school prepare a young person for life, but time and again it has been shown to increase lifetime earnings, reduce incarceration and contribute to a more prosperous, engaged society.

“Governor Whitmer’s budget proposal begins the very necessary investment in students who have been left behind and teachers in need of improved support. The Governor’s proposed increases in low-income students, students with disabilities and English learners would begin to address the grave inequities in funding and opportunity that Michigan’s vulnerable students have historically faced, yet we know that much more will still be needed in years to come.

“Michigan’s teacher shortage and lack of educator diversity also should concern us all, as the effectiveness of the classroom educator is the single greatest in-school factor for improving student outcomes. The Governor has proposed a series of initiatives that are important to attracting and retaining talented educators that reflect the rich diversity of Michigan’s student body, from programs to inspire Michigan high school students and out-of-state teachers to reimbursing classroom supplies and reducing the cost of higher education financing.

“No single budget can address Michigan’s decades-long educational decline and disinvestment, but every budget can – and should – move Michigan in the right direction. Governor Whitmer’s fiscal year 2021 budget would make important progress for Michigan students and the state’s future.”

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Briefing from The Education Trust-Midwest on the Fiscal Year 2021 Executive School Aid Budget Recommend