Press Release

At Mission: Readiness we applaud the Education Trust–Midwest for shining a spotlight on the status of the public education system in Michigan.

What happens in our classrooms today will determine our future military readiness.  It is important that recruits are able to read, write, and comprehend instructions for high-tech equipment in today’s army.  Yet, recruitment is challenged by the fact that many of those who want to enlist don’t meet the military’s academic standards.

Poor educational achievement is one of the biggest reasons why an estimated 71 percent of young Michiganders are unable to join the military. Other issues are criminality and obesity, yet, research also finds association between those issues and the lack of educational attainment. This raises a critical question: will shortcomings in our state and local education systems become a threat to national security?

We look forward to partnering with the Education Trust–Midwest on their initiative – Michigan Achieves – to rebuild the public education system to ensure that the education our students receive can lead them to college, careers, and military service if they so choose.

Just as in the civilian workforce, the military increasingly needs better-educated young men and women to run modern systems. Let’s make sure that our nation is secure by ensuring our people are ready if they want to join our troops.



Major General Gerald Miller

U.S. Army (Retired)

Executive Committee Member

Mission: Readiness – Michigan