Press Release

The following statement can be attributed to Amber Arellano, Executive Director, Education Trust-Midwest, on proposals to change Michigan’s election laws that would disenfranchise voters.


“As a non-profit, nonpartisan organization focused on equity in education and opportunity for all students and their families, we strongly oppose any effort that makes it more difficult for any Michigander to engage in their Constitutional right to vote, including the 39-bill package being considered now to change state election laws in ways that would collectively limit access to voting, particularly for historically underrepresented voters.

“A strong education and the right to vote are essential in our democracy. We must always protect and defend both the right to vote — and access to vote; but especially now, as our nation confronts a necessary period of reckoning for 400 years of systemic racism and historical injustices, ensuring this right is more important than ever.

“We know too well the impact of how these longstanding inequities and injustices have created an unacceptable opportunity gap for Michigan’s most underserved students, for whom we advocate, as well as for historically disenfranchised communities. These injustices must not be allowed to continue. Our state leaders must commit to working together in a bipartisan fashion to ensure — and facilitate — equitable access to the ballot box so that every eligible person, regardless of income, zip code or color of their skin, can participate in our democracy. And we must all work together toward a more equitable future for every Michigander.”