By Allie Gross, EducationDive

Dive Brief:

  • According to Education Trust-Midwest’s annual Michigan Achieves report, the state is at risk of fallling behind other states that have typically had inferior education systems according to national rankings.
  • Education Trust-Midwest Executive Director Amber Arellano says the state is on track to fall behind low-performing states like Arkansas.
  • The report finds that poor student achievement is not limited to race, income, or geography, with minority student achievement falling significantly and the state’s white students projected to rank 49th out of 50 in fourth grade reading by the end of the decade.

Dive Insight:

According to the report, by 2030, Michigan will rank in the bottom 10 for national student achievement if current trends persist.

The report was released in conjunction with Education Trust-Midwest’s Michigan Achieves campaign, which hopes to change the state’s course and avoid these predictions. The plan focuses largely on teacher quality, rigorous standards, and increased school accountability.

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