State education budget shifts focus away from equity

Last week, a state budget conference committee passed the public education budget for the year beginning on October 1. The budget focused on greater increases in the per-student payment for all students, rather than in students with the greatest need. The budget passed on a party-line vote.

In a March 2019 analysis of Governor Whitmer’s budget proposal, The Education Trust-Midwest praised a series of proposed investments which prioritize access to opportunity for students who have historically been left behind. This is particularly important as Michigan ranks among the bottom nationally for equitable school funding.

Ensuring that Michigan schools have the needed resources to meet student needs is critical. While this budget makes progress for across-the-board spending, much more is needed to ensure that students from low-income families, students with disabilities and other historically underserved groups are being supported and taught to succeed at high levels. We look forward to working with state leaders over the coming weeks and years to address this critical need.

Young, Gifted and Broke.

For every ten White students who enroll in college, six will graduate within six years. For every ten Latino students who enroll in college, just five will graduate within six years. And for every Black students who enroll in college, only four will graduate within six years.

BET and Angela Rye joined together to talk about fixing our broke system and resources for students and their families.

Capital Update

House Higher Education and Community Colleges Appropriations Subcommittee will meet on Wednesday, September 18 at 9:00 a.m. in the House Appropriations Room at the Capitol Building for a presentation from Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities.

State Budget Conference Committees will meet on Thursday of this week, including on House Bill 4232, the budget for the Michigan Department of Education. The conference committee will meet at 2:00 p.m. in the House Appropriations Room at the Capitol Building.

Tweet of the Week

@Wil_EdTrust: "The median black student enrolled in a public university (in Michigan) is supported by $4,461 in state appropriations, compared to $5,466 for the median white student." Peter Granville Kevin Miller & @JenMishory @TCFdotorg @EdTrustMidwest