For young adults, high school is a time where they begin to learn who they truly are. At the beginning, it feels like just another promotion into the next grade level, but it is among the first steps into adulthood. Walking into Henry Ford Academy (HFA), my ninth grade year, I was a little nervous. Being a shy person, and going to a new school, after going to school with the same kids since kindergarten, it was very hard to adjust. It was also very different from the school I had been accustomed to. My previous school district was filled with mostly black and white students, However, at this new school I was surrounded by a sea of many different ethnicities. It was very foreign to me, but I know change is good, so I didn’t let it bother me at all. When I came to HFA I had one friend with me. We were separated most of the year so I had to get used to my new surroundings by myself. After the first couple weeks of attending this school, I was accepted into the accelerated program and began taking ninth grade and some tenth grade classes with people I began to come very close with. Soon I found myself becoming more and more social at school, while continuing to strive academically.  I played Varsity and JV basketball and helped both teams win a conference championship. Our varsity team continued on to win the district championship and end the season in the top sixteen teams in our division. It was during my ninth grade year that I began to see myself slowly turn into an adult. I learned the importance of studying each day and how if I wanted to achieve my academic goals, of at least a 3.8 overall GPA, l had to study to be prepared for every test.  When dealing with individuals, I learned how address other’s feeling and learned how to make compromises.

Since I had such a great ninth grade, I entered the tenth grade expecting to thrive in all my classes, play varsity and make new friends. I was awaken from that dream after taking a tough chemistry and algebra course. I learned the importance of time management, effective study habits, and following through with my actions. After long nights of studying and preparation I was able to pass both courses with good grades. Being in high school for about a year and a half, during this time I have learned that school is definitely not like it is portrayed in movies. Although high school can be very fun and sometimes stressful, it is a very important time for young adults because you can learn valuable life lessons you will need to have when you become an adult and enter the workforce.

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