Whiston aims to make Michigan a top ten education state

Michigan’s new top education official, Brian Whiston, plans to gather input on how Michigan can become a top education state through the State Board of Education meetings on August 11 and September 8.

“… [W]e’re going to invite 25 or 30 education, business, think tank groups to share with us how they think we can become a top 10 performing state in the next 10 years,” Whiston told the Detroit Free Press in an interview last month.

In May, The Education Trust-Midwest announced Michigan Achieves, a campaign to make Michigan a top ten education state by 2030, through proven, research based policies to improve public education. EdTrust-Midwest will present to the State Board of Education during its September meeting.

“We’ll get those recommendations,” Whiston told the Free Press. “We’ll have the state board review them. And we’ll come up with a report that will call for those certain things to happen. That will be number one.”

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