Tell our U.S. Senators that #AllKidsMatter

The U.S Senate is expected to bring their version of a new Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) – the country’s major education law – for a vote this week, making this a critical time to contact our leaders in Washington.

The proposed Senate bill does many positive things to improve the old law, such as giving states and districts the freedom to decide how to intervene in struggling schools. But it still contains a major flaw.

It doesn’t require states to take action on behalf of students who are historically underserved. History shows that without the requirement that states and districts do something to support these students, the achievement of African American, Latino, and low-income students, as well as students with disabilities and English-language learners, is ignored. Strong accountability for all students’ education outcomes is critical.

In Michigan, we have worked hard to halt the decline in the educational quality for our students. It is time that our leaders in Washington do their part to support our students too.

Take Action Today to Ensure All Kids Matter!

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Almost 60 percent of low-income 4th-graders were “below basic” in math in 2000. More than a decade later, that number was cut inhalf.

Join us in telling our U.S. Senators that #AllKidsMatter

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