Press Release

Champions for America’s Future – Michigan (Champs), part of a national bipartisan nonprofit organization of athletes and coaches, wants to make sure every child has the best chance to compete in life, which includes having a healthy weight and academic success.

Our children are behind on fitness and education. To address the obesity epidemic, early education is part of the equation. Focusing on third grade reading proficiency can be a game changer that starts in preschool.  It can also have positive implications for reducing the growing obesity challenge. Research confirms that education and physical activity go hand-in-hand.

For example, the Abecedarian program, a high-quality early education program that produced strong results in education, employment, and health into adulthood found that, in addition to academic success and higher earnings, the boys who participated were also nearly four times more likely to exercise regularly as young adults, and in their mid-30s had fewer risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

As an organization, we’re pleased to be a close ally with the Education Trust—Midwest in its effort to ensure that “Michigan Achieves” and students are getting the best possible education.


Nolan Moody, former pitcher

Michigan State University & Detroit Tigers

Lansing, Michigan

Member, State Executive Committee

Champions for America’s Future – Michigan