This week, the House of Representatives will be voting on their school aid budget. We need your help to speak up on behalf of students who are underserved by urging the House to double funding for English Learners.  

English Learners account for nearly 7% of the student population in Michigan, yet our investment in these students is woefully inadequate for the nearly 100,000 students.   

Current state law only allocates additional funding for these students that falls far below what is recommended by research and practiced in leading states.  

English Learners do not have the same opportunities in school to reach their full potential. We celebrate the efforts of lawmakers to invest more in students with the greatest needs, yet the lack of investment for English Learners had led to devastating gaps in opportunities and learning outcomes. We can change that.  

Contact your Representative and urge them to double funding for English Learners in the upcoming budget to $80 million. Tell them that English Learners deserve the resources they need to fully achieve their potential.