Press Release

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (May 7, 2019) – Earlier today, the Michigan State Board of Education named Dr. Michael Rice to be the next Superintendent of Public Instruction. Dr. Rice is currently the Superintendent of Kalamazoo Public Schools. The following statement may be attributed to Amber Arellano, executive director of the Education Trust-Midwest:

“Today, the State Board of Education began a new chapter for Michigan students in the selection of Dr. Michael Rice to lead the Michigan Department of Education. It is now incumbent on Dr. Rice to ensure that Michigan students from every race, zip code and family income level have access to the world-class education that they need and deserve.

“Visionary leadership in leading education states have shaped public education in those places through coherent, equity-minded and student-centered policies, and evidence-based practices. Taking Michigan public education from the national bottom to top ten will require systemic change at all levels.  We hope that Dr. Rice will be the visionary leader that Michigan students need him to be. The Education Trust-Midwest stands ready to partner with Dr. Rice to ensure access and opportunity to a high-quality education for every student.”