Focusing on Solutions to Improve Education

The long-term decline of Michigan’s education system is both a crisis and an opportunity, according to Amber Arellano, executive director of the Education Trust-Midwest.

Arellano was a featured panelist at the “Solutions Summit: An Educated Michigan” convened in Detroit by the Center for Michigan and Business Leaders for Michigan on March 22, and in Grand Rapids by the Center for Michigan and Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce on March 23.

Credited for its “pioneering data work over many years” Ed Trust-Midwest provided the context to where Michigan is as a state with regards to its public education system. The crisis in Michigan education is undeniable: early literacy is declining for every group of students — Black, Latino and White, low-income and higher-income, English learners, students with disabilities, alike. (ETM’s 2018 report, published March 6, presents an extensive analysis of Michigan’s current status.)

And the opportunity is undeniable too, Arellano said. Leaders and policy makers across Michigan are increasingly coming together to support research-backed, data-driven strategies proven to work in leading education states.

Arellano’s presentation was focused on three challenges facing the state, three assets that are already in place, and three questions we need to ask going forward.

Click to watch the Detroit summit and the Grand Rapids summit.

Capital Update

The Michigan legislature is in recess until the week of April 9, 2018.

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