Press Release

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (December 11, 2018) – Last week, the Michigan House of Representatives passed House Bills 6314 and 6315 (Kelly – R), which would create a new category of public schools and districts called “public innovative school” or “public innovative district.” If passed, these schools and districts would be exempt from several critical requirements governing public schools and districts in Michigan.

The following statement may be attributed to Brian Gutman, director of external relations at The Education Trust-Midwest:

“Michigan students need access to an exceptional education, no matter their race, family income, zip code or disability status. Innovative practices are important to finding success for each student. However, that cannot be at the expense of educational quality.

“Unfortunately, these bills lack the rigorous vetting, high standards and robust accountability systems to ensure that students attending districts and schools under this designation are provided the high-quality education that they deserve. The significant decision of reclassifying a school or district also lacks meaningful parental input.

“Under this legislation, re-designated schools and districts may also lack comparable, reliable data – essential for system-wide improvement and needed to inform parents, teachers and policymakers on the success or shortcomings of educational practices.

“The Education Trust-Midwest urges Michigan legislators to vote against House Bills 6314 and 6315.”