Michigan Leaders Learn from Top Education States

Last week, The Education Trust-Midwest brought together education, business, and community leaders, for an opportunity to learn from the architects of leading states’ education transformation plans, such as Massachusetts and Tennessee. The meeting will bestreamed tomorrow, October 21 at 10 a.m.

In Massachusetts, more than 20 years of concerted efforts have led that state to achievement levels on par with leading countries around the world. And Tennessee, which previously has ranked below Michigan on key academic measures, now leads the nation for educational improvement for indicators such as early literacy.

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Video and resources will also be available and on our Google+ page on October 21.

Educator Evaluation Passes House with Broad Bipartisan Support

The Michigan House of Representatives have taken a major step forward in passing a common sense measure to provide quality feedback and support to teachers, and improve the quality of teaching and learning for Michigan students.

We outlined key components of Senate Bill 103 (Pavlov – R) in ourstatement of support. The bill has been further improved through amendments to provide greater teacher support, and make Michigan’s master teacher pathway truly meaningful for elevating our top teaching talent.

The Michigan Senate is expected to consider the amended bill today.

Capitol Update

Michigan House of Representatives passed SB 103 (Pavlov – R), a substitute version of the education evaluation and support bill, with key amendments for improving student achievement. The Michigan House also passed House Bill 4822 (Price – R), regarding third-grade reading. Both bills now head to the state Senate for consideration.

Upcoming Meetings
Senate Committee on Education. October 20 at noon. Room 110, Farnum Building. Agenda:

  • SB 510 (Pavlov – R), which restricts the use and distribution of student data and information.
  • HB 4594 and HB 4790 (McBroom – R), regarding shared time participation and reimbursement for kindergarten students, and the counting of nonresident students

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