Progress for MI Students: Responsible Educator Evaluation & Support Measure Moves Forward

In a major step toward making Michigan a top ten education state, a bill to improve the quality of feedback and support for Michigan educators was approved by the House Education Committee on October 1, in a bipartisan, 14-2 vote.

If passed, the legislation will:

  • Provide a beginning framework to improve teaching for students;
  • Include minimum standards for fair, comparable measures of teacher impact; and
  • Sets thoughtful new standards for evaluation tools.

The experience of leading states shows that the thoughtful implementation of educator evaluation and support systems is critical for improving student learning. This legislation is an important step toward making this happen in Michigan.

The bill – Senate Bill 103 (Pavlov – R) with substitute H-8 – will now go to the full Michigan House of Representatives for a vote.Newsletter10.6









On the Blog: Fulfilling the Promise of Pell

Pell Grants provide need-based grants to help low-income students pay for college. In its latest report, The Education Trust examined graduation rates for Pell Grant vs. non-Pell Grant students. This week, read about key takeaways from this first-of-its-kind report, and how Michigan colleges and universities are doing.

Capitol Update

House Committee on Education approved a substitute version of the educator evaluation bill. SB 103 (H-8) (Pavlov – R) passed 14-2, with broad bipartisan support.

Upcoming Meetings
House School Aid Appropriations Subcommittee. October 6 at 10:30am. State Capitol, Room 426. Agenda: Pupil Membership Counting.

Senate Committee on Education. October 7 at 8:30am. Farnum Building, Room 110. Agenda:

  • House Bill 4059 (Hughes – R), which would expand on the circumstances where retired teachers can return to the classroom without forfeiting retirement allowances or health care coverage.
  • SB 419 (Pavlov – R), relating to alternative teaching certification
  • SB 510 (Pavlov – R), which restricts the use and distribution of student data and information
  • HB 4390 (Tedder – R), where would allow a personal economics or financial literacy course to satisfy the economics requirement of the Michigan merit curriculum – required for high school graduation.

State Board of Education. October 13 at 9:30am. Ladislaus B. Dobrowski Board Room, Fourth Floor, John A. Hannah Building. View the agenda.

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