State of Michigan Education report — “Stalled to Soaring:  Michigan’s Path to Educational Recovery” — is the result of months of research and a year of Ed Trust-Midwest’s efforts to monitor where Michigan is making progress on improving public education.

The report findings include:

  • Michigan now ranks in the bottom five states for student learning progress in fourth-grade reading and math over the last decade.
  • Michigan is one of only six states in the nation that actually posted negative student growth in some subjects. Our fourth-grade students are learning at lower levels today than they did in 2003 in reading, an important predictor of future learning success.
  • Learning levels are similar in both Michigan’s charter school and traditional public school sectors.
  • Across all groups of students — white, African American, Latino, low-income, higher-income — Michigan’s student achievement rank has fallen in the last decade.


Published: April 3, 2014