Michigan Success Stories

In communities across Michigan, there are schools that are beating the odds. Despite significant challenges, teachers and administrators in these schools are doing right by our students: providing a rich, coherent curriculum in a rich and engaging way.

And the results are clear.

We highlight these schools as a way of honoring not just the educators in their buildings, but all the thoughtful, dedicated, and hard-working educators across Michigan who are striving to improve education for all children. Their success dispels the damaging myth that schools can do very little to help students overcome the barriers of poverty and discrimination.

Brimley Elementary School, Brimley, MI (Photo: Jill Stenglein)

Detroit Merit Charter Academy, Detroit, MI (Photo: Amy Sacka)

Honey Creek Community School, Ann Arbor, MI

Grand Rapids Child Discovery, Grand Rapids, MI (Photo: Erik Holladay)

North Godwin Elementary, Wyoming, MI (Photo: Erik Holladay)

University Preparatory Science & Math High School, Detroit, MI (Photo: Marissa Gawel)