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Support from the Michigan PTA

Accountability for All, a report released today by The Education Trust – Midwest (ETM) on charter school authorizer accountability in Michigan, provides a balanced and fair assessment of both the strengths and weaknesses in the charter school landscape across our state.

When it comes to charter schools, parents in Michigan have in many cases been left to base decisions about educating their children on misleading information — promises of a better alternative that, often times, was never going to happen (if we look at prior performance data of the authorizers and/or operators). ETM’s report is a valuable resource for parents that will allow them to ask targeted questions and make more informed decisions about potential new charter schools and those that already exist.

Charter school leaders should want to utilize the information in this report as a tool for building a stronger charter school initiative throughout the state by strengthening authorizer decision making where needed.

The bottom line is that all children deserve an excellent education.

It is time for Michigan to closely examine what is taking place within our charter schools and Accountability for All is a good place to start.  Find the report and related documents at


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