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Support from Dan Varner, CEO of Excellent Schools Detroit

DETROIT, MICH (February 19, 2015) – Today, the Education Trust-Midwest released a report and scorecard on Michigan charter school authorizer performance. While some charter school authorizers are providing good school options for Detroit families, far too many are allowing mediocre and failing schools to exist in our community.

The following statement may be attributed to Dan Varner, CEO of Excellent Schools Detroit.

“Where we send our children to school is one of the most important decisions we make for our kids. It impacts the rest of their lives.

“Today, a combination of policy failures that result in a lack of adequate supports and, as evidenced by this report, accountability, leave few good schools for Detroiters.  I encourage policymakers to improve supports and accountability for all school districts, and for charter school authorizers – the entities responsible for opening and maintaining individual charter schools. High-quality choice can only be guaranteed when Michigan holds those who open schools, including our charter authorizers, responsible for the education provided in their schools.”

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