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StudentsFirst Michigan Applauds Recommendations In New Charter School Accountability Report, Calls For Changes To Improve Quality School Choices

LANSING, Mich. — StudentsFirst Michigan State Director Lindsay Huddleston has issued the following statement regarding The Education Trust-Midwest’s new report Accountability for All, which highlights the need for better charter school accountability in Michigan:

“At StudentsFirst Michigan, we believe that school choice can be a powerful lever for ensuring all students, particularly those in low-income communities, are given the opportunity to attend a high-quality school. The key term here is ‘high-quality.’ As this report points out, simply letting families choose from a menu of poor performing schools doesn’t give parents the high-quality educational options their children so desperately need.”

“Accountability for All sheds a critical light on the need for better charter school accountability in Michigan. For charter schools to be able to deliver innovative, quality options, we must increase transparency through annual performance reviews, set high standards to shut down low-quality charter schools, and ensure clear restrictions are in place for low-quality authorizers. By looking at the recommendations in this new report, the Michigan charter sector can live up to the promise of providing groundbreaking, high quality options for all families.”

The report is available online at  or by clicking here.


About StudentsFirst Michigan:

StudentsFirst Michigan is a bipartisan movement of parents, educators, business owners and concerned citizens mobilizing for one purpose: to ensure every child attends great schools with great teachers. Since 2011, StudentsFirst Michigan has fought to elevate the teaching profession, empower parents with school choice and transparent school report cards, and improve the governance and financial strength of schools. For more information, please visit


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