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ROYAL OAK, MICH. (October 29, 2013) – Cheering the Michigan House, the Education Trust-Midwest thanks policymakers on both sides of the political aisle today for making students a priority as the legislature reaffirms our state’s commitment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The state House took action that allows the Michigan Department of Education to resume funding and implementation of the Common Core, which are high standards meant to provide high levels of teaching for all students.  The MDE’s work on Common Core has been on hold since October 1st due to a legislative vote earlier this year that put a pause on MDE spending on CCSS.

“The standards, with aligned assessments, are one of the most critically important foundations for raising student achievement for states today,” said Amber Arellano, executive director for the non-partisan research, information and advocacy center, The Education Trust-Midwest.  ETM’s mission is to raise student learning for all Michigan students, especially African American, Hispanic and low-income children.

“By providing opportunities for deeper instruction, improved professional development for teachers and more helpful feedback for both educators and students, the Standards have the potential to really advance education in our state,” Arellano added. “We need to make sure now we take the next steps on this journey toward educational improvement, and implement an aligned CCSS assessment; invest in teacher training; and give teachers feedback and support to make sure they can teach this new approach.”

“We thank lawmakers and Governor Rick Snyder’s administration for their leadership on Common Core. This is exactly the kind of leadership that our state needs on a number of educational challenges facing our state.”

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ETM is part of the Michigan Coalition for High Student Standards, a statewide coalition of more than 130 organizations working to support the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  To learn more about the coalition and CCSS, check out its website.

The Education Trust-Midwest is Michigan’s only statewide nonpartisan policy, research and advocacy organization focused on what is best for Michigan students. Our mission is to work for the high achievement of all students, particularly low-income, African-American, Latino and American-Indian students in Michigan, and to provide honest, reliable information to our state’s families and policymakers.