Press Release

Harrison Blackmond, DFER-MI State Director statement on 'Accountability for All'

Michigan DFERs,

The Education Trust-Midwest released a report today on charter authorizer accountability. “Accountability for All: The Need for Real Charter School Authorizer Accountability in Michigan,” includes a comprehensive review of the charter authorizer community and the first-ever scorecard of authorizer performance.

Over the last year we have learned just how poorly some of our charter schools are performing. We have also recognized that there is an appalling lack of accountability on behalf of organizations responsible for selecting those who manage charter schools. It is time we shined a light on charter authorizers and their performance.

Harrison Blackmond, DFER-MI State Director, has issued the following statement:

“Democrats for Education Reform supports high-quality school options for Michigan families and policies that hold public schools, including charters, accountable at all levels.

“Today, charter authorizers are getting a free pass. They have the privilege of approving and maintain charter schools in communities across our state, but are not held accountable for their decisions. Choice without quality is no choice at all, and we must do more to ensure that all Michigan families have excellent school options.

“The Education Trust-Midwest is providing long-overdue transparency on charter authorizer performance. With this information, we are better equipped to understand which authorizers are serving our kids well and to demand improvement from those who are not.”



Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) Michigan