Press Release

Support from Grand Rapids Public Schools

The Education Trust-Midwest report is spot on and largely aligned with our Board’s legislative platform. Michigan charter school laws should be reformed to increase accountability, require full financial disclosure and public transparency, establish a more fair and balanced playing field, require existing charters to be more strategic and targeted where academic need is the greatest, and ensure charters have a proven track record of success before being allowed to operate in the state,” said John Helmholdt, Executive Director of Communications & External Affairs. “The State Board of Education and/or the Legislature should also establish a process by which traditional public schools and charter schools share information, best practices, and other ways in which all public schools can learn from what is working.

“We are pleased to see that our one and only authorized charter, Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center, is gaining much deserved recognition for their academic and instructional outcomes. We don’t see Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center as competition, rather, we see them as another quality public school choice that we embrace and are working to support even more. In fact, GRPS is working with GRCDC to explore more ways to connect the school and district to leverage central office support services such as professional development, evaluations, information technology services, and more.”


Grand Rapids Public Schools