Fierce advocates for the high academic achievement of all students – particularly those of color or living in poverty.

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The Education Trust-Midwest offers numerous resources for policymakers, educators, parents, community leaders, and others who share our goal of high academic achievement for all students. Transforming that vision into a reality takes meaningful data, models of success, and tools for change.


Access all of our in-depth data analysis and policy recommendations.

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Stalled to Soaring: Michigans Path to Educational Recovery

2014 State of Michigan Education Report.

April 3, 2014. By Amber Arellano & Sarah Lenhoff


Our experts often take to the road to present Ed Trust-Midwest analysis of data. Check out their presentations.

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Lessons for Michigan: Huge Improvements in Tennessee

 June 5, 2014

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The Education Trust-Midwest is committed to informing policy change through non-partisan, data and research-driven information. Our published fact sheets provide an overview of key education issues, legislation and practices of leading education states.

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Massachusetts Fact Sheet

July 15, 2014