Inequities in Advanced Coursework

Black and Latino students across the country have unequal access to advanced coursework, which means they often miss out on vital learning opportunities that can set them up for success in college and careers. A new report and state-by-state data tool from The Education Trust examine why these students are shut out, how widespread these practices are, and what policymakers at the state, district, and school level can do to increase students’ access to advanced learning.

National data show two major drivers of these inequities. First, schools that serve mostly Black and Latino students do not have as many seats in advanced classes as schools that serve fewer Black and Latino students; and second, schools — especially racially diverse schools — deny Black and Latino students access to those seats that they do have. Additionally, fair access doesn’t mean sufficient access: Too many students attend schools that do not offer these opportunities at all.

Although the findings remain relevant, Michigan is one of six states excluded from the data tool because fewer than 10 percent of Michigan schools offer gifted and talented programs.

Read the report and recommendations here.

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Capital Update

House Education Committee will meet today, January 14 at 9:00 a.m. in room 521 of the Anderson House Office Building. Agenda: Senate Bills 650 (Theis, R) and 651 (Moss, D) regarding requirements and instruction for dropout recovery programs.

State Board of Education will meet today, January 14 at 9:30 a.m. in the Dombrowski Board Room in the John A. Hannah Building. Agenda includes presentations on: the 2019-2020 Milken Award winner, Nick Peruski of Lakeland High School; Michigan’s 10 in 10 plan; grade three reading law communications; and high school advance coursework and data systems.

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