Governor Calls for Accountability, Better Funding and Transparency in Final State of the State

Last week, in his final State of the State address, Governor Rick Snyder spoke about the need to focus on educational transformation, including improved school funding, accountability and transparency.

“The important work of making Michigan a top ten education state begins with being honest about how we are performing as a state,” said Amber Arellano, executive director of The Education Trust-Midwest. “We look forward to working tirelessly with policymakers, community leaders, educators, parents and students to set Michigan on the path toward educational transformation.”

In the coming months, this should include:

  • The creation of a system that clearly and meaningfully communicates with parents about the quality of local public schools;
  • Provides both more equitable resources and an expectation of improved student learning;
  • Continued use of the state assessment, so that Michigan has valid, reliable and comparable data, and minimizes disruptions to teaching and learning; and
  • Uses data and research to improve the quality of education in Michigan.

“Michigan students are just as bright and capable as students across the country,” added Arellano. “No matter their race, family income or disability status, they deserve an exceptional public education.”

Capital Update

The House Workforce and Talent Development Committee meets today at 9:00am in Room 326 of the House Office Building. The agenda will include presentations on Free Personalized SAT Practice for Michigan, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and The New School.

The House Education Reform Committee will meet on Thursday, February 1, at 9:00am in Room 521 of the House Office Building. The agenda will include a discussion of House Bill 4084 (Tedder – R) which seeks to eliminate the reading disability diagnostics course requirement for professional certification, HB 4614(Miller – R) which seeks to repeal the option for teachers to renew a lapsed provisional education certificate and HB 5379 (Hertel – D) which allows a student to possess and apply sunscreen at school.

The Senate Education Committee meets today at noon in Room 1300 of the Binsfeld Building. The agenda will include presentations on Personalized SAT Practice for Michigan and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).

The Senate Michigan Competitiveness Committee meets on Wednesday, January 31, at 8:30am in Room 1100 of the Binsfeld Building. The agenda will include a discussion of Senate Bill 373 (Jones – R) which allows for the use of design-build construction in certain school buildings.

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