Michigan Assessment Results Show Continued Need for Improvement Focus

New results from the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) show the continuing need for Michigan to focus on improving student learning through research-based policy improvements, thoughtful implementation, and strategic investments. A deep commitment from everyone – from state leaders to district leaders to parents –is needed to accelerate progress for our students and transform Michigan into a top ten education state.

As expected, the results from the new M-STEP assessment are lower than scores were on the old MEAP test. Leading states have shown that lower scores are normal, and student scores are likely to improve over the next few years as educators learn the new standards. Indeed, leaders in top education states such as Massachusetts and Tennessee say the first step in their educational transformation was raising the standards for teaching and learning for their schools. But implementing a new assessment isn’t enough. Those leaders say their states’ investments in building their teachers’ and principals’ capacity to learning at the new higher levels was crucial for their dramatic improvement in student achievement.

Michigan 2015 M-STEP Aggregate Scores

Percent Proficient
English language arts
Percent Proficient
Grade 3 50% 49%
Grade 4 47% 41%
Grade 5 49% 33%
Grade 6 45% 33%
Grade 7 49% 33%
Grade 8 48% 32%
Grade 11 49% 28%

Read our full statement on new assessment scores.

The 2015 results of the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) will be released tomorrow. Details of Michigan’s performance will be available at

Missed It? Learning from Leading Education States

Recently, Michigan leaders came together to learn from the architects of the education transformation that has taken place in leading education states. Video of the meeting is now available on our website.

Capitol Update

Michigan Senate passed SB 103 (Pavlov – R), a substitute version of the education evaluation and support bill, passed two weeks ago by the Michigan House of Representatives. In both the house and the senate, the measure enjoyed broad bipartisan support.

The legislation – supported by The Education Trust-Midwest – is a major step forward in efforts to make Michigan a top ten education state and improve the quality of teaching and learning for students and educators across Michigan. The importance of quality feedback and support for educators was recently emphasized by the architects of educational transformations in leading education states, during aMichigan Achieves event.

The bill now heads to the governor for his signature.

Upcoming Meetings
House School Aid Appropriations Subcommittee. October 27 at 10:30 am. Room 426 of the Capitol Building. Agenda: Detroit Public Schools Budget.

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