Michigan Students Head Back to School

The summer is coming to an end and the school year for students across the state is beginning.

This fall, however, will be a bit different. Last year the MEAP test was retired and replaced by M-STEP, which is given each spring. Parents and teachers will see student scores on the M-STEP that was taken last spring this fall. Our new scores provide an important opportunity to improve teaching and learning in Michigan.

Moving to higher academic standards and an assessment to measure our progress is about making sure that our students are ready to achieve in career or college after high school. This transition will take time, and scores will likely be lower this year.

Students and teachers are still getting used to this new – more challenging – test. Instead of focusing on memorizing content and filling in bubbles, M-STEP assesses real-world skills, like critical thinking and problem solving. States like Kentucky, now through three years of rigorous assessments, have shown that lower scores are normal during the first year, and should rise over the next few years.

The first year of M-STEP scores provide a baseline for measuring student learning. With a better test, parents and teachers will be provided with honest, reliable data about where their student excels, and where they struggle. With this information, they will be better able to support and challenge students in the classroom and at home.

The Super 5 – Tips for Back to School







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