Ed Trust-Midwest launches new initiative to make Michigan a top ten education state for all students

A new campaign launched today by The Education Trust-Midwest – called Michigan Achieves – lays out a clear path to turn around our flailing education system and transform Michigan into a top ten education state by 2030.

Michigan’s education system has slumped to the bottom of the national rankings and our children, and our economy, are paying the price. Michigan’s kids can’t afford to wait for action any longer. Ed Trust-Midwest’s 2015 annual report, Michigan Achieves: Becoming a Top Ten Education State, offers a bold plan for success that’s backed by years of research and data analysis.

“Michigan has a clear choice: if the state continues to maintain its educational status quo, we will become among the lowest achieving in the United States for public education,” said Amber Arellano, executive director of EdTrust-Midwest. “We will doom our children and state to become increasingly poor, isolated and deprived of opportunities.”

Our children, and our state, deserve better than this.

Michigan Achieves: Becoming a Top Ten Education State, measures Michigan’s educational performance and progress from kindergarten through post-secondary education. Combined with the Michigan Achieves campaign, it lays out a roadmap for making Michigan a top ten education state by 2030.

Read the report and learn more about the campaign here.

EARLY LITERACY: To Become Top Ten, Michigan Must Outpace National Average Growth

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Capital Update

State Revenue Update
On Friday, the House Fiscal Agency, the Senate Fiscal Agency and the Treasury Department held a Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference, where they announced revised estimates for current year revenue. The general fund estimate has increased by $223.5 million and the school aid fund estimate is down about $6 million.

Budget Update
Budget discussions are expected to wrap up in coming weeks. The Education Trust-Midwest will continue to focus on the need for targeted investments around proven policies: educator evaluations and support, and early literacy.

Senate Education Committee, Today, May 19 at noon in Room 110 of the Farnum Building. The committee will consider Senate Bill 209 (Colbeck), regarding instruction of certain U.S. historical information and inclusion on state testing, and SB 211 (Shirkey), regarding instruction in certain American heritage documents.
House Education Committee, Thursday, May 21 at 9am in room 521 of the House Office Building. The committee will hear testimony on House Bill 4594 (McBroom) regarding share time participation. The committee will also hear a presentation by Michigan Virtual University.