Guest Opinion:  Celebrating Quality Charter Schools

Every Michigander wants the same thing for our students: an excellent education and a fair chance at success in life. This week – National School Choice Week – is an opportunity to celebrate Michigan’s high-performing charter public schools.

Amber Arellano, executive director of The Education Trust-Midwest, highlights one such school, University Prep Math and Science Academy.

Gov. Snyder: “We need to raise the bar and standard on every educational institution”

During his fifth State of the State address, Governor Snyder sent a strong message that Michigan must do more to ensure that every student has access to a great school and access to opportunities that accompany strong education.

Relying on the lessons of leading education states, the Governor called for the state to improve early literacy and teaching effectiveness. He also urged voters to approve a cent-per-dollar sales tax increase that would fund roads and provide stronger school funding.

As highlighted in The Education Trust-Midwest’s 2014 annual report, states like Tennessee and Massachusetts, which lead the nation in educational improvement and achievement, have provided a roadmap for how to transform Michigan into a top ten education state. Investing in early literacy and providing evaluation and support to teachers and school leaders are key to improving learning.

From the Capitol


The House Committee on Education will meet on Thursdays at 9:00am, in room 521 of the House Office Building.  The first meeting will be this Thursday, January 29th.

The Senate Committee on Education will meet on Tuesdays at noon in room 110 of the Farnum Building.

What Does a Good Test Look Like?

good test


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