Easy Math:  Great Teachers + Better Feedback = More Prepared Students

The importance and impact of teachers cannot be overstated – every day they are preparing the next generation to lead our communities, cure disease, innovate through new technology and improve the quality of life ways that we cannot imagine today. Now, Michigan has the opportunity to help improve teaching quality in our schools by passing legislation to provide better feedback and support to our children’s teachers.

This December, the Michigan Senate has the opportunity to consider, and hopefully pass, House Bills 5223 (O’Brien) and 5224 (Zemke). The bills, which have already passed the Michigan House of Representatives, will help teachers get better feedback and support, and give administrators the tools that they need to be stronger coaches. These bills passed the Michigan House with broad bipartisan support and have the support of the education community.

Teaching effectiveness is one of the most powerful predictors of student learning. By implementing and developing a culture of robust, high-quality educator evaluation, teachers and school administrators will have the information that they need to improve teaching quality and student achievement.

Students with highly effective teachers benefit through higher levels of learning and achievement. Increasing teaching quality will have profound effects on Michigan students in both the short- and long-term.

Great Teachers Matter