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Hayley Butler

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Hayley Butler

Data and Policy Analyst

Hayley Butler is a Data and Policy Analyst at the Education Trust Midwest.

Hayley received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan, where she focused on research examining school organizational leadership, pedagogy, and the psychology of learning motivation. She has taught in schools serving predominantly immigrant and undocumented children, co-authored a policy brief and plenary paper on the use of System Dynamics methodology applied to Early Childhood Education system intervention, and co-designed a governance model for a regional ECE infrastructure.

Having lived all over the country, she’s seen the broader impact of policy on matters of equity and the student experience in distinctly different contexts. This systems-level understanding led her to a Master’s in Public Policy from University of Massachusetts—Dartmouth, where she explored state funding formula characteristics and their relationship to school-level factors that influence equity.

Hayley brings her passion for culturally-informed, research-driven policy and a collection of diverse experiences back to her home state to pursue equitable education for Michigan’s children.