Equitable Funding

Michigan has long been among the worst in the nation for resource gaps between wealthy and low-income school districts. Our reports, including Michigan’s School Funding: Crisis and Opportunity, show that, for far too long, the state’s k-12 funding system has been neither adequate nor equitablewith the harshest burden falling on students from low-income backgrounds, English Learners, students in isolated, rural schools and students with disabilities. 

Even with historic wins for students who are underserved in the FY 24 state budgetincluding a new ‘Opportunity Index’ that for the first time in our state provides additional resources based on the concentration of poverty in a school district – the allocations for students from low-income backgrounds are very low compared to what leading states provide and the level of funding that research recommends. 

The need to invest in Michigan’s students who are most underserved is more urgent than ever. 

Not only is an investment in our children the right thing to do, but it is also the smart thing to do. 

According to one study, Michigan’s current K-12 studentslifetime earnings could increase by an estimated $27 billion if their educational achievement matched the national average.

Our children deserve better. Our employers are demanding better. Other states are doing better. For the sake of our children and our economy, we need to transition to a system of school funding that is fair and equitable. Providing a fair funding system for all Michigan students has been a longstanding priority for The Education Trust-Midwest and our partners. Read more below to learn more.

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